The Apple on the Tree

The Apple on the Tree
The Apple on the Tree is a book about our perceptions, our morals and how we read through the pages of life. This book describes the world when we see it through the eyes of a young author. This book entwines our ideas, thoughts and beliefs into poems that make the reader connect with them. There is bit of us in each poem. About the Author Anusha Gupta was born in 2000 and started writing at the age of twelve. She is an avid poetess and prolific reader. She writes about nature, values of life and what life is all about. She is a high school student of Fr. Agnel School, Noida. She promises to bring out the words in the most admirable way possible and aspires to become the best author of all times.
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The Fifth Gospel: Complete Short Fiction

The Fifth Gospel: Complete Short Fiction
One of the most significant voices of our age, Farrukh Dhondy writes provocative columns, thought-provoking plays and unusual children’s fiction. He is just as much a screenwriter, novelist and public intellectual. But it is in the short story that Dhondy excels. Honest, nuanced, often searing, they are a mirror to his worlds, both British and Indian. The Fifth Gospel: Complete Short Fiction brings together all the short fiction that Dhondy has published. East End at Your Feet, Dhondy’s debut collection of shorts, brings together stories about Indian students in the United States -stories that remain every bit as fresh and surprising as they were four decades ago. From a tale of exorcism in London to a story-telling computer that loses its head, the stories in Trip Trap are well worth the trip, but beware of the trap! Come to Mecca is a bittersweet exploration of young first- and second-generation Britons and their conflicted sense of racial identity. His children’s stories, in Janaky and the Giant, are characteristically complex. Set in various cultures across the world, the animal and children protagonists are often flawed, but never hopeless. For those who have never read Dhondy’s fiction for children, this is an excellent introduction. Also included here is the novella, The Siege of Babylon, a hostage-situation thriller that opens out into a moving, biting human story centred on a white girl who is fascinated by young black boys. The stories in this omnibus edition were all published to critical acclaim over the past four decades. Here they are, within the covers of one book. It is as ardent, knotty, varied and original a collection as one could wish for.
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Transformations: From Mannerism to Baroque in the Age of European Absolutism and the Church Triumphant (Architecture in Context)

Transformations: From Mannerism to Baroque in the Age of European Absolutism and the Church Triumphant (Architecture in Context)
Unprecedented in scope like its companion volume on the High Renaissance, “Transformations,” this sixth volume in the Architecture in Context series traces the development of architecture and decoration in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries particularly the transformation of rationalist Classical ideals into the emotive, highly theatrical style known as Baroque and the further development away from architectonic principles to the free-ranging decorative style known as Rococo. It begins with an outline of the politics of Absolutism and its opposite over the century from the Thirty Years War to the War of the Austrian Succession: this is illustrated with images largely chosen from the major artists of the day; a supplementary introduction outlines the cross-currents of painting in the early Baroque era. The first substantive section deals with the seminal masters active in Rome Maderno, Cortona, Borromini and Bernini and their contemporaries there, in Venice and in Piedmont. The second section deals with the seminal French masters above all Francois Mansart, Louis Le Vau, Andre Le Notre, Jules-Hardouin Mansart and the latter s followers who developed the Rococo style in the domestic field. The rest of the book is divided into three large sections: the Protestant North the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Britain; the Divided Centre the Catholic powers of central Europe and southern Germany, the Protestants of northern Germany and the Orthodox Russians; the Catholic South the Iberian kingdoms and their dominions in southern Italy and the Americas.”
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