A Critical History Of English Literature – Volume I & Ii (combo Pack)

A Critical History Of English Literature - Volume I & Ii (combo Pack)
Get an insight into twelve centuries of great writing with this set of two volumes. Understand how writing in the English language has evolved from then to now. Summary of the Book Professor David Daiches’ book provides us with the critical history of the all the famous English literature. He has put in all of his knowledge, skills and enthusiasm into this book that is a must-have for all literature lovers. He guides us through the complex and rich tradition of English literature which continues to fascinate readers. He has made a fine balance between its historical background and criticism. His work is something that is essential for students, scholars and lovers of literature. About David Daiches David Daiches was a Scottish literary historian, scholar and writer. He was also a literary critic, and has written extensively on English literature, Scottish literature and Scottish culture. He had worked for the British Embassy in Washington DC during World War II. His first published work was The Place of Meaning in Poetry which was published in 1935. His work The Novel and the Modern World was well received and his knowledge about the modern world led him to co-editing The Norton Anthology of English Literature.
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