Everyman’s War: Strategy, Security and Terrorism in India

Raghu Raman’s Everyman’s War is a detailed account of the strategy, security and terrorism in India. Summary of the Book In this collection of essays, Raghu Raman writes about the role of common men and women in national security. He explains important issues of security, explaining the importance of national security and civil defense. He writes about terrorism in all its hues and colours, explaining how Naxal operatives work similar to Somali pirates. He explains the severity of terror attacks, showing how man-made event triggers are more disastrous than most wars. He also delves into terror organizations and their motives, explaining how they end and how anyone can help defeat terrorism at the roots. This is a book every citizen of the country should read in order to understand how they can safeguard its freedom. About Raghu Raman Raghu Raman is an Indian security expert, former Captain in the Indian Army, former CEO of the National Intelligence Grid, columnist and writer. He fought in active combat at Punjab and in the Siachen Glacier area.
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