A Glossary of Literary Terms

A Glossary of Literary Terms
A Glossary Of Literary Terms is a handy reference guide of important literary terms. The book serves as an invaluable resource material for students of English literature. Summary Of The Book Literature is a fascinating world in itself. This written form of art includes two major forms i.e., fiction and non-fiction, and involves two major writing techniques, namely prose and poetry. With a storehouse of rich and diverse works, it is no wonder that many students choose to study literature as their main subject in undergraduate and graduate courses. However, students of literature are often lost in a labyrinth of literary terminology and definitions. This is where the A Glossary Of Literary Terms comes in. The book presents an exhaustive list of literary terms that are arranged in an alphabetical order for easy referencing. The number of terms in this edition of the book has been increased to include about one-third new terms over the previous edition. The book also contains an index of terms at the end. Additionally, the examples used to illustrate the literary terms listed in the book have been extended to now include more American literary works as well as recent works that students are most likely to have read. Some of the new terms in the book include traditional terms such as decadence, aestheticism, bildungsroman, deism, courtly love, menippean satire, rhetoric and rhetorical criticism, and surrealism. The book also includes terms dealing with periods of English literature, and also other terms that indicate the more recent developments in the field of literature and literary criticism. These include anatomy, distance and involvement, black humor, epiphany, persona, literature of the absurd, voice, and tone. About M. H. Abrams Meyer Howard Abrams is a literary critic and author. Some of Abrams’ works include The Mirror And The Lamp: Romantic Theory And The Critical Tradition, The Fourth Dimension Of A Poem And Other Essays, and Natural Supernaturalism: Tradition And Revolution In Romantic Literature. Abrams is best known for his works on Romanticism, particularly for his book The Mirror And The Lamp. Abrams was born in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1912. He completed his undergraduate degree in English from Harvard University, following which he secured a Henry fellowship to the University of Cambridge. He later completed his Master’s degree and his Ph.D from Harvard University. During the Second World War, Abrams worked at Harvard University’s Psycho-Acoustics Laboratory. After the war, he joined Cornell University as a professor. Abrams is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science where he also serves as a Professor of English Emeritus.
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