Complete Skills For Ielts (DIC)

Complete Skills For Ielts (DIC)
Complete Skills For IELTS (With 2 CDs) is for those who plan to enroll in universities or undertake non-academic training, in a foreign country. This guide, paired with two CDs, comprehensively covers all four sections of the IELTS. Summary Of The Book Complete Skills For IELTS (With 2 CDs), published in 2012, has been designed to help candidates prepare for the International English Language Testing System. IELTS is used across the globe to test English language proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Candidates can join educational institutions and professional organizations after appearing for this examination. Countries like Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, Ireland, and others accept IELTS scores. Complete Skills For IELTS (With 2 CDs) starts off with the Listening section, which contains an audio CD. This disc plays monologues, group discussions, or speeches, at the end of which the candidates are asked a few questions. This is similar to how the actual exam is conducted. The Reading section of this guide has passages, and students are required to answer different types of questions, like identifying the writer’s viewpoints, and writing summaries. The third portion of Complete Skills For IELTS (With 2 CDs) is titled Writing for IELTS. Candidates can practice their writing skills by expressing their thoughts and opinions on paper. The first half of the test requires a person to describe a chart or a graph, and the second half requires one to respond to an argument through an essay The final section focuses on speaking, and the CD accompanying this book contains practice exercises. The part of the actual IELTS is segregated into three sections, the first of which is an interview about the candidate’s interests, hobbies, family, computers, and the Internet. In the following part, the candidate needs to deliver a speech, and the final section is a discussion with the examiner. Some of the chapters in this book are Family Structures, Local Languages, Starting University, Being Young, and At The Office. Every portion of Complete Skills For IELTS (With 2 CDs) comes with complete practice sets, along with tips, audio scripts, and answer keys. This guide has been written by expert tutors, and can help candidates excel in the final examination.
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