Anagram: Odyssey of Samar

Anagram: Odyssey of Samar
Samar Hamidi is an evolving young boy with a melancholic past. He has recently moved to Shimla with expectations to rekindle those years lost in miseries and false hope, and that of his family’s. Will he be successful in the pursuit of love and happiness? Or will fate unfold the ever inconceivable, veiled realities of their lives.
Life was fairly benevolent to him in the new city, until an unexpected revelation changes its course from love and success to hatred and self-destruction. Will he be able to soar from this giant fall and recreate emotions, to find love, purpose and the vicarious aspects of his life again, in an abysmal and revelatory journey?
This is an incredibly emotive tale of relationships told in an uncliched style, touching its every possible nuance. Extremely compulsive and emotionally riveting, this is the first installment from Anagram that heralds the beginning of a dour journey of a boy named Samar.
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