Business Ethics

Business Ethics
The international edition of Business Ethics explores the complex and fascinating ethical challenges faced by businesses from across the globe. The book provides you with the concepts, tools and theories needed to analyze the issues raised and develop their own decision-making skills.
New to this edition:
• Coverage of SMEs and social enterprise, world religions and business ethics, whistleblowing and personal decision-making
• Cases, examples and vignettes that raise complex ethical issues including the Olympus Imaging fraud scandal.
• Asian, Arabian, Latin American and African perspectives on the ethical debates and dilemmas faced by businesses in their regions

Table of Contents
• Part A: Understanding Business Ethics
1: Introducing Business Ethics
2: Framing Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholders and Citizenship
3: Evaluating Business Ethics: Normative Ethical Theories
4: Making Decisions in Business Ethics: Descriptive Ethical Theories
5: Managing Business Ethics: Tools and Techniques of Business Ethics Management

• Part B: Contextualizing Business Ethics – The Corporate Citizen and its Stakeholders
6: Shareholders and Business Ethics
7: Employees and Business Ethics
8: Consumers and Business Ethics
9: Suppliers, Competitors and Business Ethics
10: Civil Society and Business Ethics
11: Government, Regulation and Business Ethics
12: Conclusions and Future Perspectives

Additional Resources
This text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which provides:
Student resources:
– Further reading
– ‘Think Theory’ answers
– Ethics careers guide

Lecturer resources:
• Teaching notes
• PowerPoint slides
• Case bank
• Sample course online
• Test bank
• Additional ‘Ethics Online’ and ‘Ethics on Screen’ teaching material

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