Macmillan Phrasal Verbs Plus

Macmillan Phrasal Verbs Plus
A brand-new two-colour dictionary of phrasal verbs containing unique features to help students grasp this challenging and essential area of the English language. Encourages natural English Clear explanations of how to use every phrasal verb by means of grammar patterns and relevant examples. Thousands of examples of phrasal verbs from the World English Corpus reflect English as it is used today. Collocation boxes list the words phrasal verbs typically occur with, to help students speak and write more naturally. Coverage of phrasal verbs used in general English as well as in business, Internet and computing contexts. Easy to use The most frequent phrasal verbs are highlighted in red and graded with stars, to show at a glance how important they are for students to learn. Menus in entries with five or more senses guide users quickly to the meaning they want. The definitions are written in a restricted vocabulary to make them easy to understand. Plus! Over 100 striking two-colour cartoons illustrate common phrasal verbs, reinforcing their meaning and making them more memorable. An index of single-word equivalents enables learners to find phrasal verbs by starting with single-word verbs which they already know. Explanation of how particles contribute to the meaning of phrasal verbs Hundreds of synonyms and antonyms throughout the dictionary help build students’ vocabulary. Information on inflections, pronunciation, stress patterns, register and derivatives widen students’ knowledge of English.
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