How to Do Everything with Windows VistaTM Media Center

Now you can enjoy all of your digital media on your PC or TV easily with Windows Vista Media Center! Filled with expert tips, this hands-on guide explains how you can watch and record TV shows, download movies and music, view your photos and videos, and so much more–all through one, integrated system. How to Do Everything with Windows Vista Media Center shows you how to configure this versatile tool for optimum quality and performance and how to make the most of all of its powerful–and fun–features. Connect to a wired or wireless network, the Internet, and a TV signalConfigure your settings, including privacy, parental controls, and closed captioningWatch, pause, rewind, and record live TVDownload and watch movies and other media Set up a personal music library and buy or rent music onlineCreate playlists, burn CDs, synch mobile devices, and stream musicCustomize, create, and manage pictures and videosAccess your media from an Xbox 360 or other Windows Vista PCsInstall a DVD, HD DVD, or Blu-ray disc drive for your PC or Xbox 360Install and configure a TV tuner, a cable card, and an external hard drive
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