Basics of Epidemiology – Concepts made simple

Basics of Epidemiology - Concepts made simple
Epidemiology, a vital tool of public health, plays a paramount role in guiding public health action and rationalizing its approaches. Surprisingly, this is not one of the most preferred disciplines for specialization, among the medical students, in developing countries where its applications are most needed. For building capacity, there is a need of reinforcing the basic concepts for better understanding of its applications, not only among medical and healthcare undergraduates, but also amongst public health managers working at different levels.

The author, through the book ‘Basics of Epidemiology- Concepts Made Simple’, has attempted to present the basics in a simplistic manner, which will help students and public health managers to develop applications based conceptual clarity. As an essential companion, the book will be of immense value for them. The unique feature is its simple presentation, almost in a conversational tone, with plenty of relevant examples.
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