Privacy 3.0: Unlocking Our Data-Driven Future

Privacy 3.0: Unlocking Our Data-Driven Future
Our personal space is dear to us all. We live our lives in full public view on social media – posting photos of the food we just ate or even expressing intimate feelings for our loved ones – but there are still things we would rather not share with the world. Indeed, it is privacy that sets man apart from the animals who must stick together in the wild for their own safety. But mankind was not born private. Our primitive ancestors too lived in large groups, every member of which knew all there was to know about the others. Privacy evolved over time as man developed technologies to wall himself off, even as he remained part of the society at large. But just as some technologies enhanced privacy, others – such as the printing press or the portable camera – chipped away at it. Every time this happened, man opposed the technology at first but made his peace with it eventually to benefit from the obvious good it could do. We are at a similar crossroads today with data technologies. Aadhaar is one example of the many ways in which we have begun to use data in everything we do. While it has made it far easier to avail of services from the government and private enterprises than ever before, there are those who rightly worry about people’s private data being put to ill use – and, worse, without consent. But this anxiety is no different from that which we felt during the teething troubles of every previous technology we adopted. What we really need is a new framework that unlocks the full potential of a data-driven future while still safeguarding what we hold most dear – our privacy. In this pioneering work, technology lawyer Rahul Matthan traces the changing notions of privacy from the earliest times to its evolution through landmark cases in the UK, US and India. In the process, he re-imagines the way we should be thinking about privacy today if we are to take full advantage of modern data technologies, cautioning against getting so obsessed with their potential harms that we design our laws to prevent us from benefiting from them at all.
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Padhuka’s Ready Referencer on Accounting: for CA Inter/IPCC New Syllabus

New Syllabus Full Coverage in student-friendly format. Companies Act, 2013 Relevant Provisions updated. All Relevant Accounting Standards included. About 1000 Illustrations and Q and A included. Principles explained effectively for Concept Clarity. Step-by-Step Solutions and Working Notes for Practical Question Formats, Tables and Charts for easy understanding. Single Handy Tool for Exams and Practical Learning. Treasure Trove of Professional Exam Questions.
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Unbeaten: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Rocky Marciano

Unbeaten: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Rocky Marciano
Unbeaten is one of the best sports books I’ve read in years’ Jonathan Eig, author of Ali: A Life Rocky Marciano accomplished a feat that eluded legendary champions like Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson: he never lost a professional fight. When he retired in 1956, his record was a perfect 49-0. Unbeaten is the revelatory biography of one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Marciano rose from abject poverty and a life of petty crime to become heavyweight champion and one of the most famous faces of his era. He dominated boxing in the decade following the Second World War with a devastating punch, which he nicknamed the ‘Suzie Q’. But perfection came at a price. Pulitzer Prize-winner Mike Stanton tells the story of Marciano’s pursuit of greatness through the era of guys and dolls, hustlers and gamblers, glamorous celebrities and notorious mobsters. But boxing had its dark side, particularly at a time when Mafia mob bosses like Blinky Palermo and Frankie Carbo wielded immense power behind the scenes. Marciano retired while still in his prime, weighed down by the mob’s influence in the sport he loved. For the last decade of his life, he wandered America, disillusioned, untrusting, hiding his money, cheating on his wife, consorting with the mobsters he had loathed for corrupting his sport, until his death in a plane crash in 1969, the night before his 46th birthday. Unbeaten by Mike Stanton is the story of a remarkable champion, a sport that was rotten to its core, and a country that may have expected too much from its heroes.
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Tom Gates #14: Biscuits Bands and Very Big Plans

Tom Gates #14: Biscuits Bands and Very Big Plans
The bestselling fully-illustrated tom gates series is back with a new book! This book is very important because it contains biscuits, bands and all my (doodled) plans to make dog zombies the best band in the world.
My very big plan:
1. Write more songs about very important things like Biscuits
2. Make sure there’s a good supply of snacks for our band practice
3. Avoid Delia at all costs, she thinks I’ve been snooping in her room. (I have.)
4. Doodle as much as possible, especially if Marcus is watching.
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Golf Log Book Tracking Your Games: Golfing Log Book to Track Your Golf Scores and STATS for 100 Games

Golf Log Book Tracking Your Games: Golfing Log Book to Track Your Golf Scores and STATS for 100 Games

Keep track of your game all season long with this sleek logbook designed just for golfers! It makes a great gift idea for golfers!

With this golfing log book, you can record detailed statistics for 100 games. You will be able to track the date, tee time, golf course, golf course par and slope, weather conditions, players in your party, par hole by hole, +/- above par, your score for the front and back nine, handicap hole by hole, your number of putts on each hole, fairway hit from the tees, if your ball landed in a hazard on each hole, the penalty stroke(s) on each hole and a summary of your game including tees played, number of eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles, and putts. You also have a few blank lines to take notes. At the end of the log book, you have a table to enter each game with the date, score, putts and handicap for a quick view of your season.

Here are some of the log book main features:

  • High-quality 55# paper in a light cream color and is perfect for all types of pens or pencils including gel pens, fountain pens, or writing markers.
  • 100 scorecard pages with space to jot down your statistics and some notes.
  • Glossy cover with a professional finish, flexible paperback
  • Size is 6-inch wide by 9-inch in length.
  • Make a great gift for golfers of all ages!

Let’s make this golfing season the best ever!

Scroll back up and order your copy today!

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Soccernomics (2018 World Cup Edition): Why England Loses; Why Germany, Spain, and France Win; and Why One Day Japan, Iraq, and the United States Will Become Kings of the World’s Most Popular Sport

The 2018 World Cup edition of the international bestseller and “the most intelligent book ever written about soccer” (San Francisco Chronicle) is updated throughout and features new chapters on the FIFA scandal, why Iceland wins, and women’s soccer.

Named one of the Best Books of the Year by the Guardian, Slate, Financial Times, Independent (UK), and Bloomberg News

Written with an economist’s brain and a soccer writer’s skill, Soccernomics applies high-powered analytical tools to everyday soccer topics, looking at data and revealing counterintuitive truths about the world’s most beloved game. It all adds up to a revolutionary new approach that has helped change the way the game is played.

This World Cup edition features ample new material, including fresh insights into FIFA’s corruption, the surge in domestic violence during World Cups, and Western Europe’s unprecedented dominance of global soccer.

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Masters of Modern Soccer

Masters of Modern Soccer
In masters of modern soccer, sports illustrated writer grant Wahl asks: How do some of the game’s smartest figures master the craft of soccer? By profiling players in every key position (American phenomenon Christian Pulisic, Mexican superstar Javier “(No Suggestions)” Hernandez, Belgium’s Vincent company, Spain’s Xabi Alonso, Germany’s Manuel Neuer) and management (Belgium coach Roberto Martinez and Borussia Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc), Wahl reveals how elite players and coaches strategize on and off the field and execute in high pressure game situations.
Masters of modern soccer is the definitive thinking fan’s guide to modern soccer. For a supporter of any team, from the U.S. National teams to Manchester united or any competition, from Mexico’s Liga Mx to the world cup, this book reveals what players and managers are thinking before, during and after games and delivers a true behind-the-scenes perspective on the inner workings of the sport’s brightest minds.
America’s premier soccer journalist, grant Wahl, follows world-class players from across the globe examining how they do their jobs. This access imbues masters of modern soccer with deep insight from the players on how goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards function individually and as a unit to excel and win. Wahl also shadows a manager and director of soccer as they juggle the challenges of coaching, preparation and the short- and long-term strategies of how to identify and acquire talent and deploy it on the field.
A book that will stand the test of time, masters of modern soccer is the most in-depth analysis of the craft of soccer ever written for the American fan. For any fan, player, coach or sideline enthusiast, this book will change the way they watch the game.
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