College Diaries

College Diaries
While studying endlessly for entrance exams, most students dream of college life as full of fun, swag and a place where they could give wings to all their desires. But is that what really lies behind the walls of college?
Amay gets into his dream college, IIT, with a hope of living the best years of his life. There, he makes friends, gets engaged in a social activity group NSS, forms a bond with seniors and finds himself falling in love with his school friend, Shreya. His college life seems to be all rosy when the aspirations to achieve more in his college life starts growing in him. He starts walking that path blindly and that is when his life turns upside down. Be it his love or his aspirations or friendship happiness from every aspect of his life starts slipping away.
How will he turn the tables? How his college journey will fare out in the end? Would it be a roller coaster ride that he would cherish or would it leave him withered?
College Diaries is a story of love, friendship and aspirations and all the bittersweet experiences it brings when we first step out from home.
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