NDA/NA 2018 Entrance Examination Guide

NDA/NA 2018 Entrance Examination Guide
The book has been designed for aspirants preparing for NDA/NA exam conducted by U.P.S.C. to recruit candidates for Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The book has been divided into two parts namely Mathematics and General Ability which includes English and Science. Every chapter in this book contains a brief theory followed by concept based practice questions and Solved Paper of 2018. This book will surely be a valuable resource for all NDA/NA aspirants.
– Numerous practice questions with rich theoretical concepts; Divided into 2 sections of Mathematics and General Ability constituting of Science and English
– Detailed solutions to questions
– Solved Paper of 2018
• Syllabus
Paper: Mathematics
1. Set Theory and Relation
2. Complex Numbers
3. Quadratic Equations
4. Inequalities
5. Sequence and Series
6. Permutations and Combinations
7. Binomial Theorem
8. Matrices
9. Determinants
10. Logarithms
11. Binary Numbers
12. Trigonometric Ratios
13. Trigonometric Equation
14. Properties of Triangle
15. Inverse Circular Function
16. Height and Distance
17. Rectangular Cartesian Co-ordinates
18. Straight Line
19. Circle
20. Conic Sections
21. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
22. Differentiation
23. Applications of Derivatives
24. Indefinite Integrals
25. Definite Integration
26. Area Bounded by Curves
27. Differential Equations
28. Vector Algebra
29. Three Dimensional Geometry
30. Statistics
31. Correlation and Regression
32. Probability
Paper: General Ability Test
1. Spotting the Error
2. Antonyms and Synonyms
3. Idioms and Phrases
4. Ordering of Words and Sentences
5. Sentence Improvement
6. Fill in the Blanks
7. Comprehension
General Knowledge and General Science
1. Geography
2. Indian Polity
3. Indian Economy
4. Indian History
5. Physics
6. Chemistry
7. Biology (Botany and Zoology)
8. General Awareness
• Solved Paper 2018
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