65 Answers about Psychiatric Conditions

65 Answers about Psychiatric Conditions
Are ups and downs in mood bipolar? Can difficulty focusing be due to something other than ADHD? What are the possible causes of insomnia? How is a delusion different from an overvalued idea? Dr. Richa Bhatia answers common questions about mental illness and treatments in this book Mental health is an integral part of overall health and well-being. It is estimated that on average, almost one person out of a family would suffer from a psychiatric disorder at some point. The consequences and sequelae of not getting treatment for psychiatric disorders can be many, and at times, severe. Early recognition is important, and effective treatment is available. This book is written in a question and answer format, answering many questions that people commonly have about psychiatric conditions or treatments, with the goal to enhance awareness so that more and more people seek treatment in a timely manner.
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