A Better Life with Parkinson’s: Through Ayurveda & Yoga

Indian Author Shares his work experience in a German Parkinson clinic with ayurveda, yoga & Neurology. Raja Ray worked in a hospital for 3 years with patients who had Parkinson’s disease or some other neurological disorder. He shares his experiences and many tips in this book. Raja Ray came from India to accompany people with yoga, Ayurveda therapy and meditation. In a very personal and easy-going manner he describes his experiences from the hospital time and takes the reader on his journey. From patient stories to concrete exercises for everyday life to Indian philosophy and meditation everything is included. You will find information from the medical field, tips for nutrition and lifestyle, as well as playful, funny moves that bring fun into your life. Even young people suffer from Parkinson’s. In this book you will learn more about prevention, management and self-help of the disease. You will find simple yoga movements, for example, sitting in the chair. Start with facial yoga; Laugh with Laughter Yoga and learn how to walk easily. You will also learn Ayurveda tips that you can use at home. This book is the result of the direct experience of the therapist Raja Ray, after years of working with Parkinson’s patients. He was a team member of a research project led by a German neurologist in a neurology and complementary department of a hospital. Read this book to know how these two great knowledge systems can help you cope with Parkinson’s and show you a way to better your quality of life.
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