Contemporary Adivasi Writings in India: Shifting Paradigms

Contemporary Adivasi Writings in India: Shifting Paradigms

This book contains scholarly articles by academicians and activists offering meaningful critiques on various aspects of writings by Adivasis, their way of life, and the reception/implications of these writings based on disciplines such as social psychology, cultural studies, political science, sociology, anthropology and cognitive linguistics. The contributors have put in sincere efforts to explain the critical or historical theory which their articles are couched in. While the first few articles offer critical analyses of writings by Adivasi and non-Adivasi writers, inadequate representation of writings by Adivasi writers and activists in university syllabi across Kerala, issues of publication, reception and the importance of translation, comparative analysis of novels by Adivasi and indigenous writers, ethics of reading Adivasi literature, case study of the writings of an independent researcher of Adivasi history, ecocritical analysis of the poems of a poet largely belonging to the oral tradition, the

last two articles are empirical observations of activists, who are actively involved in the cultural sphere of the Adivasis in India and outside, on the need for inter-tribal councils and the importance of orality. The book aims to facilitate academicians, scholars, researchers and students by providing fresh and unexplored critical perspectives on subjects related to contemporary Adivasi writings and culture in India.

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