Taekwondo: The New Edition

Taekwondo: The New Edition
This book provides bio-mechanical principles that are the foundation for the development of high-performance Taekwondo techniques. Hip motion is paramount in Taekwondo, but transferring the power of the hip to the kicking foot presents a great challenge. Readers of this book will be able to master this challenge. The reader will also learn the precise positions of the body which serve as leverage points. The pages following include detailed pictures portraying bio-mechanics – such as proper weight transfer. The author details mind power, visualization and other methods that develop the level of self-awareness necessary to become a well-balanced athlete and person. I recommend this book. It respects TaekwondoÕs origins, yet takes a fully science-based approach, providing a detailed guide to the sportÕs underlying movement principles. Read it and be informed! Dr. Chungwon Choue, WT President
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