Play Doh Vinci Drawing Compound (Pack of 6)

Play Doh Vinci Drawing Compound (Pack of 6)
Create multicolour effects on any art project. From freeform doodles to amazing artwork, drawing with DohVinci compound is easy to start and fun to master. Simply load one of these 6 tubes into your drawing tool (sold separately) to start exploring a variety of drawing techniques and other ways to make unique art. Take art to a new dimension by adding this multicolour drawing compound to various surfaces including paper, canvas, wood crafts, cardboard, glass and other materials. Also look for different DohVinci sets for inspiration. With DohVinci art supplies, almost anyone can become an artist. Don’t have a drawing tool. Check online or in local stores. Hasbro, DohVinci, Play-Doh and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.
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