The 100% Real Test Papers (IMO) Class 7

The 100% Real Test Papers (IMO) Class 7
The 100% RTP gives students a definite edge in their preparation for the Olympiads by the following: – solve the past years’ actual papers, compare their answers with detailed solutions provided, identify and improve on their weak areas. – more important, RTP provides them Olympiad model test papers containing expected questions based on the syllabus, Sample Papers and past years trend. Detailed solutions are also provided to enable students revalidate their preparation and write the Olympiads with confidence and decided advantages. The 100% RTP contains: – Previous Years’ br>SOF papers – 7 Nos. (Set a+b for 2016 & 2017) and ( Set a+b+c for 2018) – Model test papers – 3 Nos. – OMR sheets – 20 Nos. – Detailed solutions booklet – for all 10 papers – br>SOF notebook – information Brochure on Olympiad exams along with Report Sheet.
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