Accounting and Finance for Bankers

Accounting and Finance for Bankers

The textbook is complied for aspiring accounting and finance bankers. It follows progressive, easy-to-follow approach to help readers go through concepts of accounting and finance. The easy-to-read context and latest concepts are framed in non-specialist manner so that it becomes convenient for beginners to understand basic to advanced levels of banking techniques.

Written with the aim of helping aspirants for upcoming JAIIB examination, the book focuses majorly on principles and practices of banking, accounting and finance for bankers. It covers key terms like annual accounts, balance sheets, accounting ratios, cash flow, profit and loss and other financial reporting techniques.

Explaining the process of banking and financial organization processes, the book is written in accordance with latest examination syllabus and also helps in better understanding of examination pattern. In addition, the book throws light on the legal and regulatory concepts of banking that are useful in day-to-day banking.

The study material also includes few previous years’ solved question papers for letting the aspirants have a clear idea about the format of the examinations. From clearing the concepts of banking to a quick revision, it is an ideal book for candidates who are preparing for upcoming banking examinations.

About the Author:

Indian Institute of Banking and Finance: The IIBF aims at developing professionally qualified and able bankers through a process of training, education, counselling and examinations along with proper development programmes. Likewise, they regularly come up with guidebooks and question banks that help the banking aspirants to prepare themselves for a lucrative career in banking and finance.

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