CD-ROM: Jewel Case (PS): My First Dictionary V 2.0 (PS)

CD-ROM:  Jewel Case (PS):  My First Dictionary V 2.0 (PS)
Description – My First Dictionary is a fun-filled interactive resource that will appeal to both beginners and those with more advanced reading skills. A series of easy-to-play games, printable activities, songs and animations bring the 1,000 word definitions to life at the click of a mouse! Key Features • Children will learn the meanings of words and develop their vocabulary • Gain a solid knowledge of alphabetical order and letter recognition • Covers shapes, sizes and spatial awareness • Suitable for different levels of user • For ages 3-7

System Requirements Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP 486DX/33MHz processor 16MB RAM 640 x 480 256 colour screen 8 bit soundcard and speakers or headphones Double-speed CD-ROM drive

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