Business Communication Today

Business Communication Today
Business Communication Today, 14e, presents the full range of on-the-job skills that today’s communicators need, from writing conventional printed reports to using the latest digital, social, mobile and visual media. Each chapter adapts the fundamentals of effective writing to specific workplace challenges and media applications, so students will be better prepared to succeed from their first day on the job. With a strong focus on mobile integration, the fourteenth edition blends current topics, such as social media in business, with more traditional entrepreneurial concepts.
The book also emphasizes on the importance of developing a strong sense of etiquette, recognizing ethical dilemmas, advancing ethical communication and respecting the rights and needs of audience members at every stage of the writing process. By integrating all the key skills and insights that students need in order to succeed in today’s dynamic workplace, Business Communication Today is an unmatched resource for preparing the next generation of business professionals.
Twelve new chapter-opening vignettes with accompanying end-of-chapter individual and team challenges including examples of Indian companies like Wipro’s use of digital platform, PHI Learning’s experience in publishing winning books, Asian Paints undertaking step-by-step digital transformation, Britannia routine messages for building positive brand image, etc.
Updated coverage of the advantages and disadvantages of teams (Chapter 2), overcoming resistance (Chapter 2), gender differences (Chapter 3), digital messaging (Chapter 7), the business communication uses of social networks (Chapter 8), content curation (Chapter 8) and effective and ethical apologies (Chapter 11)
More than 70 new or redesigned business communication examples and figures.
Inclusion of 24 new communication cases
Table of Contents Part 1 Understanding the Foundations of Business Communication
Chapter 1 Professional Communication in a Digital, Social, Mobile World
Chapter 2 Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication and Business Etiquette
Chapter 3 Communication Challenges in a Diverse, Global Marketplace
Part 2 Applying the Three-Step Writing Process
Chapter 4 Planning Business Messages
Chapter 5 Writing Business Messages
Chapter 6 Completing Business Messages
Part 3 Digital, Social and Visual Media
Chapter 7 Digital Media
Chapter 8 Social Media
Chapter 9 Visual Media
Part 4 Brief Messages
Chapter 10 Writing Routine and Positive Messages
Chapter 11 Writing Negative Messages
Chapter 12 Writing Persuasive Messages
Part 5 Reports and Proposals
Chapter 13 Finding, Evaluating and Processing Information
Chapter 14 Planning Reports and Proposals
Chapter 15 Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals
Part 6 Developing and Delivering Business Presentations
Chapter 16 Developing Presentations in a Social Media Environment
Chapter 17 Enhancing Presentations with Slides and Other Visuals
Part 7 Writing Employment Messages and Interviewing for Jobs
Chapter 18 Building Careers and Writing Resumes
Chapter 19 Applying and Interviewing for Employment
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C.
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