Eskube Poker 2 Decks Plastic Playing Cards

Eskube Poker 2 Decks Plastic Playing Cards
Presenting premium quality 100% plastic playing cards from Poker. These cards are made from 100% virgin PVC and not just plastic coated like cheaper plastic cards. These cards are extremely durable and will not tear or wrinkle under normal use. You can even wash these cards under water or play with them in pool. These 100% plastic cards do not become soggy in humid weather. It has much better feel and look than cheaper paper or plastic coated cards. High profile casinos the world over use 100% plastic cards.
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Playing Cards (UNO Cards Doremon Collection)

Playing Cards (UNO Cards Doremon Collection)
Golden Feather’s UNO Fast Fun Party Playing Cards Game Complete pack 108 Cards. UNO is a fun game and can be played by ten players who challenge and compete to emerge as winners. Everything can be changed, and players can come from the back to suddenly take the initiative. It’s a quick pleasure that will turn your head. Your children will now beat the boredom as this pack of UNO cards can be transported anywhere. This map provides a lively atmosphere. Develop the interpersonal skills of your children and spend quality time playing with them the fantastic game of the Uno. It fits a few friends and family members, and it is portable to wear it in a home party, picnic and camping, both outdoors and indoors. Easy to play by adults and youth.
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