The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God’s Plan for the World

What is God calling you to do?

Christ called His followers to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Simple enough, right? But not everyone can go to the ends of the earth, or we’d be abandoning the lost here at home. So, how are people supposed to determine whether they should stay or go, whether or not they’ve received “the call”?

This updated edition of The Missionary Call explores the biblical, historical, and practical aspects of discerning and fulfilling God’s call to serve as a missionary. Using Scripture and lessons from actual missionaries, Dr. Sills cuts through the prevailing confusion to offer much needed biblical wisdom and clarity.

This volume also includes pertinent new content on:

  • how business professionals overseas can participate in missions
  • the advantages and disadvantages of using technology to do missions work long-distance
  • how globalization and urbanization are changing missions today
  • the pros and cons of short-term mission trips and how to do them effectively
  • and more!

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History and Presence

History and Presence
Honorable Mention, PROSE Award A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year A Junto Favorite Book of the Year Beginning with metaphysical debates in the sixteenth century over the nature of Christ’s presence in the host, the distinguished historian and scholar of religion Robert Orsi imagines an alternative to the future of religion that early moderns proclaimed was inevitable. “This book is classic Orsi: careful, layered, humane, and subtle… If reformed theology has led to the gods’ ostensible absence in modern religion, History and Presence is a sort of counter-reformation literature that revels in the excesses of divine materiality: the contradictions, the redundancies, the scrambling of borders between the sacred and profane, the dead and the living, the past and the present, the original and the imitator…History and Presence is a thought-provoking, expertly arranged tour of precisely those abundant, excessive phenomena which scholars have historically found so difficult to think.” –Sonja Anderson, Reading Religion “With reference to Marian apparitions, the cult of the saints and other divine-human encounters, Orsi constructs a theory of presence for the study of contemporary religion and history. Many interviews with individuals devoted to particular saints and relics are included in this fascinating study of how people process what they believe.” –Catholic Herald
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Unstoppable: Step into Your Purpose, Run Your Race, Embrace the Future

Unstoppable: Step into Your Purpose, Run Your Race, Embrace the Future
“Unstoppable will encourage you to run the race God has placed before you with new confidence.” – Joyce Meyer, Bible teacher and bestselling author Now includes discussion questions for small-group study. Have you been a spiritual spectator for too long, waiting on the sidelines, thinking God could never use you for something big? Maybe you have been searching for greater purpose. Well get prepared, because God has a baton ready to put in your hand. Christine Caine didn’t think she had what it took to make a difference in the world. Then, inspired by her love of Olympic relays, Caine decided that she should start a relay herself-a global team of individuals and organizations passing a baton to one another in a race to end human trafficking. Now Caine’s organization, A21, is on a mission to end slavery, one woman, one man, one child, at a time which sometimes means operating in some of the most dangerous situations on earth-all because Caine realized that with God leading the relay, she was unstoppable. With fascinating stories and inspiring Scripture, Unstoppable takes us on Caine’s journey from feelings of inadequacy to trust in God’s provision to joy in seeing victory over suffering. Her remarkable story inspires us to embrace the power of being on God’s team-whether we are fighting human trafficking, leading a church, or starting a movement for good in our own community. No longer stuck on the sidelines, we will see how God has uniquely prepared us for the big dreams He calls us to carry out in His name. If you think your faith isn’t strong enough to conquer something big like human trafficking, think again. In Unstoppable, you will learn to recognize what you can do, knowing that when God calls your name, you will be ready, hand outstretched to receive the baton.
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Misreading Nietzsche

Misreading Nietzsche

Perhaps more than any philosophy written in the past few centuries, the work of Friedrich Nietzsche has given rise to controversy, misunderstanding, and dissent. Today Nietzsche is remembered as the revolutionary author of such polemical ideas as the death of God, the revaluation of values, the will to untruth, and the Ubermensch. Yet is Nietzsche’s philosophy as atheistic, relativistic, nihilistic, and immoral as some commentators have claimed? Or ought we perhaps to give more credence to Nietzsche’s own assertion that one writes books “precisely to conceal what one harbors” (BGE, 9, 289)?

If “whatever is profound loves masks” (BGE, 2, 40) then might Nietzsche’s more daring claims be interpreted as clever masks behind which he conceals a deeper philosophy and on which he reveals a hidden truth? Is it not possible that the standard readings of Nietzsche are in fact misreadings–that his work invites misreading, that it is intentionally unclear, deceptive, disguised?

The goal of this volume is to reread Nietzsche for all that he shows and all that he hides. It is to dig deeper into his work in order to challenge misreadings of old and invite misreadings anew–as, indeed, his work itself calls for and demands.

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