The Insider : Decoding the craft of cricket

The Insider : Decoding the craft of cricket
What constitutes pressure? How does a batsman maintain concentration while batting? How does one define being in-form and out-of-form? How do cricketers prepare for different formats of the game? And how is it that certain teams revel under pressure while others choke? In the first-ever book on the craft, both psychological and physical of cricket, former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra lays bare every thought inside a cricketers head and brings alive what he thinks, how hes likely to react to certain situations in the game, and above all, why he reacts the way he does.From reading the bowler to reading the batsman, from playing the bouncer to fielding at short-leg, from technical aspects of the game to the mental, from the tangible to the abstract,The Insider is an important book that shuts out the noise and hysteria and lets every fan of the game understand what matters most: The game itself. About the Author One of the highest run-getters in Ranji trophy cricket, Aakash Chopra is a well-known former Indian cricketer,television commentator, columnist and author. Aakash writes regularly for, Mid-Day and In 2009, Chopra wrote his first book,the critically acclaimed Beyond the Blues:A First-Class Season Like No Other. His second book Out of the Blue: Rajasthans Road to the Ranji Trophy was released in 2011.
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World Beaters: World Cup 2011

World Beaters: World Cup 2011
World Beaters presented by India‚Äôs No.1 Cricket magazine Cricket Today documents India’s road to glory and the journey of the Indian team’s famous World Cup win. Summary Of The Book Cricket is the most popular sport in India and it rules the hearts of adults and children alike. Cricket may not be the official national sport of the country, but it garners much more interest and has many more fans than any other sports in India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the cricket mania in India is evident in every nook and corner. The 10th ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 was between 14 national cricket teams. India were the winners of the tournament, defeating Sri Lanka and becoming the first team to win the World Cup in their homeland. World Beaters is a unique book that features the story behind the exciting win. It contains exclusive interviews with the nation’s heartthrobs – Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, M.S. Dhoni, and Zaheer Khan. Who was India’s all-round hero? Who was the team’s batting hero? The book contains exclusive interviews after the famous victory. The book also includes the statistics of the Indian team’s performance in the World Cup. World Beaters also offers a glimpse at how the victory has changed the lives of the players and how millions are pouring in for the players. The book also includes the many ecstatic photos of all the fans celebrating the victory all over India. The win was a jubilant victory of every Indian throughout the globe. It also has tweets and messages from the Bollywood fraternity and other celebrities. The book also captures important milestones and records of the players. Published in 2011, the book is popular among the fans for its many interesting insights into the memorable World Cup victory of India.
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