Progress with Oxford: Phonics Age 3-4

Progress with Oxford: Phonics Age 3-4
This Progress with Oxford: Phonics Age 3-4 workbook will help your child to progress with phonics while having fun so they will quickly learn the sounds of each letter and understand how those sounds make words.
The Progress with Oxford series has been created to help every child develop essential skills at home, with minimal help and support. Picture clues are used to show very young children how to complete activities, whilst reminder boxes, tips and advice support older children to become self-sufficient learners. A lively character accompanies your child through all the colourful and engaging activities, and fun stickers are included to reward their work. A handy progress chart at the end of each book captures their achievements, so you both know what to do next.
You can find even more practical advice, free eBooks and fun activities to help your child progress on our award-winning website, Let’s get them flying!
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Baby’s First 123

This shiny baby book of numbers will help your little one learn to count to 10. With colourful, clear pictures that have a tactile, raised effect, this board book encourages early learning and makes the perfect gift for babies and toddlers.

You and your baby will enjoy reading the words aloud and pointing at the delightful photographs together. Part of an exciting new series of baby books, Baby’s First 1 2 3 will build your child’s vocabulary as they discover all about numbers, and count fun, everyday objects such as ducks, trucks, and bees. Each page has a vivid image, finished with a shiny 3D effect that will engage your child and help make learning fun.

Baby’s First 1 2 3 is a sturdy board book, perfect for children to get hands-on with and will become a firm favourite. This bright, bold baby book will fulfil your baby’s thirst for discovering the world around them.

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Amelia Bedelia Gets a Break (I Can Read Level 1)

Amelia Bedelia Gets a Break (I Can Read Level 1)

Learn to read with young Amelia Bedelia!

The Amelia Bedelia books are great for growing the vocabularies of newly independent readers. In Amelia Bedelia Gets a Break, Amelia Bedelia is put in charge of caring for her class hamster over a school vacation. But Amelia Bedelia gets more than she bargained for when the hamster goes missing!

Amelia Bedelia is left in charge of her class pet—a hamster named Harry—over school break, and she’s excited to learn all about caring for an animal. But when Harry goes missing, Amelia Bedelia is upset. Her friends Dawn and Clay help her search the house and make “lost pet” signs, but it seems hopeless, until Amelia Bedelia puts herself in Harry’s shoes and finds him hiding in her favorite spot in the house.

A Level 1 I Can Read book featuring the childhood of America’s favorite housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia. More than thirty-five million Amelia Bedelia books sold since 1963!

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My Primary English Workbook

My Primary English Workbook
My first English workbook is filled with 191 interesting, illustrated activities to make learning English sounds and words fun and interesting. Each page contains activities that have been especially designed keeping in mind the learning abilities of a school-going child. The carefully compiled workbook includes all kinds of activities covering attractive topics (rhyming words, identifying objects, seasons, quizzes, etc.) with interesting themes.
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I Love Science (Ages 7-11)

I Love Science (Ages 7-11)
Description – I Love Science is a fully interactive science lab that teaches life science, physics and chemistry in the most fun and effective manner possible: by letting young players discover the principles of science for themselves. Three friendly animated characters guide children through one hundred exciting experiments and activities, each with a challenging question-and-answer session and comprehensive reference section Bullet Points – 100 science topics that cover the school curriculum, including: Energy & Forces: • Light • Reflection • Colour • Electricity • Circuits • Switches Sound • Pitch and Volume Forces • Gravity • Simple Machines • Sun and Earth Life: • The Human Body • Skeleton & Muscles • Heart & Blood • Food • Animal Life Cycles • Plant Types • Habitats • Food Chains & Webs • Classification Matter: • Solids, Liquids & Gases • Testing Materials • Safety • Strength • Heating & Cooling • Mixing & Separating • Metals • Dissolving • Water, Ice & Steam …and over 50 more!

System Requirements Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP CPU 486DX2/66MHz 16Mb RAM 640×480 pixels screen display CD-ROM speed – double speed 6Mb hard drive space 8-bit sound card Speakers of Headphones Mouse

Note : Some old titles may not run on new operating system, it doesn’t mean that every title is not compatible with new OS. Please check the compatibility of the title with your computer from internet or from other customer’s reviews before placing the order

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Oi Cat! (Oi Frog and Friends)

Oi Cat! (Oi Frog and Friends)
The laughter never ends with Oi Frog and friends. Don’t miss this hilarious follow-up to Oi Frog! and Oi Dog! from the award-winning Kes Gray and Jim Field. A brilliant rhyming read-aloud text, jam-packed with animals and silliness – perfect for children and parents alike. According to Frog. Cats sit on gnats, Dogs sit on logs, Raccoons sit on macaroons, Armadillos sit on pillows and Chicks sit on bricks. But wait! Cat doesn’t like sitting on gnats, they keep biting his bottom! Will Frog and Dog help him change the rules? Can’t get enough? Look out for Oi Duck-billed Platypus!, coming out autumn 2018. Praise for the Oi books: – ‘Gigglingly delightful a perfect match of words and pictures to entertain again and again’ – Daily Mail Kes Gray is a bestselling, multi award-winning author of more than 70 books for children. He eats Idea flakes for breakfast, spreads silliness on his toast and lives in a place called Different. Jim Field is a lead-driven, pencil-pushing, 25-frames-per-second Led Zeppelin fan. He is also a hugely talented illustrator and animation director. His first picture book Cats Ahoy! won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Oi Frog!, Oi Dog! and Oi Cat! are a top ten bestselling series. Oi Dog! won the 2017 Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Award and was shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award and the British Book Awards in 2016, amongst others. It also won the Teach Primary New Children’s Fiction Award, Made For Mums Award, Bishop’s Stort ford Picture Book Award and Portsmouth Picture Book Award. Oi Cat! was the Independent Booksellers Children’s Book of the Season and Oi Goat! is a World Book Day book in 2018.
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Zoo (My First Touch and Find)

Zoo (My First Touch and Find)
Take a trip to the Zoo! Lift the giant flaps to reveal the zoo animals and touch lots of exciting textures beneath! Feel the lion’s furry mane, the panda’s soft fur and the elephant’s rough skin. Bight and friendly illustrations from Allison Black bring the animals to life and with something to spot or count on every page too, this colourful book in the My First Touch and Find series will provide lots of fun for older babies and toddlers. Also available in this tactile series: Farm, Park, Sea
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50 Fantastic Ideas for Circle Time

50 Fantastic Ideas for Circle Time
Circle time stimulates learning in all areas of development – from the improvement of social skills and positive relationships to encouraging children to listen to each other within a caring and respectful environment. Judith Harries brings together creative ideas for circle time where learning can be shared and music and drama can be enjoyed. The book includes circle time activities and games that cover all of the Early Learning Goals through the sharing of thoughts, feelings and experiences. It can also be used across the curriculum, including helping children with literacy and mathematics through phonics and number games. This timeless collection of ideas featuring colourful and fun photography is a fantastic resource with many new activities for circle time, as well as some old favourites.
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My First Book of Patterns Capital Letters: Write and Practice Patterns and Capital Letters A to Z (Pattern Writing)

My First Book of Patterns Capital Letters: Write and Practice Patterns and Capital Letters A to Z (Pattern Writing)
A perfect fun activity book designed for early learners to develop pencil control and motor skills. By following the arrows and tracing the dotted lines, the little scholars can complete the tracing exercises and creative activities easily. This will lead to the development of their early writing skills. The child will also learn to identify, write and revise individual capital letters of English alphabet. The book is also an excellent first step to prepare for school.
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