Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering has been specially designed to explain what the environment is, how it is polluted and destroyed, the effects of pollution and how effectively the damage to the environment can be controlled. The book discusses the acts and laws that govern pollution, provides a number of relevant case studies to highlight the environmental problems provides extensive exercises based on the undergraduate syllabus prescribed by the UGC, can be used by engineering students throughout India.
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Ground Improvement Techniques

Ground Improvement Techniques
Due to the unavailability of good construction sites owing to the growth of cities and industries, the site engineers are nowadays compelled to adopt methods of forcing the weak soil to behave according to the project requirement.
Written in the same context, the book focuses on the fundamental principles and practical methods of ground improvement. The design and constructional procedure of different ground improvement methods are comprehensively covered in the text. The subject-matter, divided into fourteen chapters, is organised into a simplified and logical manner to describe first the working methods and then the possible future developments. The book enables its readers to become aware of the overall methodology to be adopted in a particular case and seek possible solution to the chosen field.
It is primarily intended to cater the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Key features:

• Numerous figures, tables and mathematical equations are provided to support the topics discussed.
• Several worked-out examples are provided in most of the chapters.
• Objective questions, descriptive questions and references are given at the end of each chapter.
• Numerical questions are given for practice in the relevant chapters.
• An appendix introduces miscellaneous topics related to soil.
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Marine Diesel Engines, Second Edition

Marine Diesel Engines, Second Edition

This book has been written with the view to fulfilling the need of marine engineers to be in touch with up-to-date information on present day engines, which have replaced the older series. In this age of technological advancement, it is of vital importance that today’s marine engineer keeps abreast of these developments and equip themselves with equip themselves with thorough knowledge of the engines that they work on a regular basis.

A distinctive feature of this book is that the text matter is presented in a ‘easy-to-understand’ point form, for the benefit of marine engineering students. Besides providing an in-depth understanding of the basic principles of marine diesel engines, this book also gives an insight into working of modern engines.

This book will be useful to candidates appearing for the Certificates of Competency examinations.

The book covers the following topics exhaustively.

  • Dry Docking
  • Watch Keeping
  • Engine running problems
  • Camshaft-less electronically controlled intelligent engines
  • Indicator card analysis
  • Engine performance and testing
  • Latest developments
  • Engine overhauls
  • Engine emission
  • Starting and reversing
  • Maneuvering
  • Bridge control
  • VIT and Super-VIT
  • Faults, defects and problems of all engine components

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Engineering Mechanics: Problems and Solutions

Engineering Mechanics: Problems and Solutions
This comprehensive and self-contained textbook will help students in acquiring an understanding of fundamental concepts and applications of engineering mechanics. With basic prior knowledge, the readers are guided through important concepts of engineering mechanics such as free body diagrams, principles of the transmissibility of forces, Coulomb’s law of friction, analysis of forces in members of truss and rectilinear motion in horizontal direction. Important theorems including Lami’s theorem, Varignon’s theorem, parallel axis theorem and perpendicular axis theorem are discussed in a step-by-step manner for better clarity. Applications of ladder friction, wedge friction, screw friction and belt friction are discussed in detail. The textbook is primarily written for undergraduate engineering students in India. Numerous theoretical questions, unsolved numerical problems and solved problems are included throughout the text to develop a clear understanding of the key principles of engineering mechanics. This text is the ideal resource for first year engineering undergraduates taking an introductory, single-semester course in engineering mechanics.
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A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Oxford Quick Reference)

A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Oxford Quick Reference)
This popular dictionary, formerly published as the Penguin Dictionary of Electronics, has been extensively revised and updated, providing more than 5,000 clear, concise, and jargon-free A-Z entries on key terms, theories, and practices in the areas of electronics and electrical science. Topics covered include circuits, power, systems, magnetic devices, control theory, communications, signal processing, and telecommunications, together with coverage of applications areas such as image processing, storage, and electronic materials. The dictionary is enhanced by dozens of equations and nearly 400 diagrams.

It also includes 16 appendices listing mathematical tables and other useful data, including essential graphical and mathematical symbols, fundamental constants, technical reference tables, mathematical support tools, and major innovations in electricity and electronics. More than 50 useful web links are also included with appropriate entries, accessible via a dedicated companion website.

A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering is the most up-to-date quick reference dictionary available in its field, and is a practical and wide-ranging resource for all students of electronics and of electrical engineering.
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Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines

Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines

Solve Diesel Engine Problems Quickly and Easily Using the Latest Methods
This hands-on guide shows, step by step, how to save time and money by learning to identify and fix virtually any diesel engine problem yourself. Thoroughly updated to cover the latest advances in diesel technology, Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines, Fifth Edition contains hundreds of drawings, schematics, and photographs to ensure success and avoid frustration. This fully revised classic resource equips you with all of the techniques you need to keep diesel engines running in top condition.
Inside, you’ll find:
Up-to-date coverage of biodiesel and green fuels 
Step by step troubleshooting procedures 
New engine repair procedures and tools 
The latest turbocharging methods
Details on new diesel/hydrogen and diesel/methane engines
Coverage includes:
• Rudolf Diesel • Diesel Basics • Diesel Operation • Stationary and Marine Engine Installation • Mechanical and Electronic Fuel Systems • Basic Troubleshooting • Electronic Engine Management Systems • Cylinder Heads and Valves • Engine Mechanics • Engine Rebuilding • Turbochargers • Air Systems • Electrical Fundamentals • Starting and Generating Systems • Air and Liquid Cooling Systems • Greener Diesels 

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