Communication Skills: A Workbook

Communication Skills: A Workbook
Communication Skills: A Workbook is a practice book designed to help users to develop the four fundamental language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW).
Divided into four parts, Unit I focuses on non-verbal communication, grammar and usage, vocabulary enhancement and listening skills. It goes on to cover reading comprehension in Unit II. Unit III on writing skills concentrates on emails, blogs, business letters and job application letters among others. Unit IV focuses on speaking skills that will help in role play and dialogues, professional presentations, speeches, debates, group discussion and job interviews.
Drafted for students at the graduation level, the text would prove equally useful for students pursuing their post-graduation or professionals aspiring to enhance their proficiency in English.
Key Features
Innovatively-designed text and examples to help students excel in grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking
Numerous practice exercises for self-assessment in all chapters
Enhances employability by providing practical insights to help readers face interviews and group discussions, participate in debates or appear for competitive examinations
Online Resources
The following resources are available to support the faculty recommending this text:
For Faculty
Additional exercises for class assessments
Answer key
For Students
Answer key
Table of Contents
Unit 1: Essentials of language learning
1. Fundamentals of Communication
2. Grammar and Usage in Practice
3. Remedial Grammar
4. Enhancing Vocabulary
5. Developing Effective Listening Skills
Unit 2: Reading Skills
6. Reading Skills and Comprehension
Unit 3: Writing Skills
7. Email and Blog Writing
8. Business Letters
9. Report Writing
10. Reviewing a Movie, Book or Match
11. Job Application and CV Preparation
Unit 4: Speaking Skills
12. Conversations and Role Play
13. Public Speaking
14. Professional Presentations
15. Group Discussion
16. Speeches and Debates
17. Job Interviews.
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