Thea Stilton Mouseford Academy#16 The Royal Ball

Thea Stilton Mouseford Academy#16 The Royal Ball
When two new students — Bradley and Irving — arrive at
Mouseford Academy, they become friends with the Thea
Sisters instantly. The crew begins to plan Whale Island’s
first ever theatre festival and costume ball! But Bradley
is keeping a secret from his new friends. What will happen
when they find out who he really is?
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Daredreamers: A Start-up of Superheroes

Daredreamers: A Start-up of Superheroes
India’s first start-up of superheroes with a mission of saving lives is here to kick ass. Rasiq is riding the highs of life thanks to his successes as an investment banker. But his arrogance soon gets the better of him and he ends up losing everything he holds dear. Managing to salvage only his grit from the wreckage, Rasiq reboots his life and teams up with five uniquely talented superheroes to start a rescue venture DareDreamers. These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations. Their skyrocketing success, however, comes at a price an enemy hell bent on tearing down their fame and reputation.Will DareDreamers defeat its wily adversary? Or will it become yet another failed start-up?Treachery, action and adventure come alive to make DareDreamers a page-turner.
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Kidzztale: Tales of Kings, Queens, Witches and Amazing Creatures of Virpur.

Kidzztale: Tales of Kings, Queens, Witches and Amazing Creatures of Virpur.
KIDZZTALE is a graphic storybook for children. It narrates light-hearted stories of love, friendship, magic and bravery for young readers. The tales revolve around kings, queens, witches, talking animals and brave children inhabiting the imaginary town of Virpur and its surroundings.

The idea behind these short stories is to inculcate good values among young readers, and hence KIDZZTALE is not only intriguing and entertaining but also instils moral values in children.
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There’s a Dragon in Your Book

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

OH LOOK, there’s an EGG in your book!

But this isn’t any old egg – there’s a dragon in it . . . And pretty soon she has set your book ON FIRE. OH NO!

Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott have created a fantastically interactive sequel to their bestselling There’s a Monster in Your Book. Children will love stroking, poking and flapping the book to make magic happen as they turn the pages. Can they help Little Dragon find a way to stop the fire and fly off on her own adventure?

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The Secret Key: Agatha Oddly (1)

The Secret Key: Agatha Oddly (1)
Meet thirteen-year-old Agatha Oddly – a bold, determined heroine and the star of a stylish new detective series.

Agatha Oddlow has been a detective for as long as she can remember – she’s just been waiting for her first big case. And nothing gets bigger than saving the City of London from some strange goings-on.

With a scholarship to the prestigious St Regis School, a cottage in the middle of Hyde Park, a room full of beloved sleuthing novels and a secret key that gives her access to a whole hidden side of London, Agatha is perfectly poised to solve the mystery of what’s going on. But just who can she trust when no one is quite who they seem…
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The Cook and the King

The Cook and the King
There once was a very hungry king Who needed a cook like anything . . . . . . but the king is very fussy, and none of the cooks he tries can make a dish that tastes just right. Then the most unlikely of chefs comes along: the shuffling, shaking Wobbly Bob. He’s scared of everything, from catching fish to digging for potatoes, but can he convince the hungry king to give him the job? The Cook and the King is a brilliantly funny story from the fantastic picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts, creators of Tyrannosaurus Drip. With clever rhyming verse and richly detailed illustrations, this is sure to become a firm favourite with children and adults alike.
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