Healers or Predators?: Healthcare Corruption in India

Healers or Predators?: Healthcare Corruption in India
For every story of optimism about the growth of medical tourism to India, there are multiple others about medical neglect. Scratch the surface and you find a thick layer of corruption in this life-sustaining sector. This hard-hitting volume shows a mirror to society and, more specifically, to those associated with the health sector on how healers, in many cases, are shifting shape to becoming predators. In the essays by contributors from within and outside the medical fraternity, we see the many faces, the many facets of corruption from exorbitant billing by corporate hospitals to the non-merit-based selection in medical colleges to questionable motives playing strong in the area of organ transplantation. But Healers or Predators? is not only about the illness affecting the sector. It also offers solutions and some stories of hope. The Foreword by Amartya Sen is an added bonus.
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