Ramamurthi & Tandon’S Manual Of Neurosurgery (2 Vols)

Comprehensive companion to Ramamurthi & Tandon’s Textbook of Neurosurgery, 3rd edition. The text is divided into 17 sections and around 209 chapters providing clinically-oriented coverage on all aspects of neurosurgery. Covers all important areas of neurosurgery, such as diagnostics, congenital malformations, head and spinal injuries, infections, vascular malformations, central nervous system tumours, etc. Includes chapters on special neurosurgical techniques, such as stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, surgery for epilepsy, movement disorders, psychosurgery and pain. Comprises numerous illustrations, tables and diagrams for better clinical understanding. Integrates the knowledge and experience of various Indian and International Neurosurgeons. Comprehensive coverage of treatment aspects of various neurosurgical diseases. Essential manual for medical students, postgraduates in neurology and neurosurgery, neurologists, neurosurgeons, general surgeons and ENT surgeons.

Table of Contents:

Section I: Diagnostics

Section II: Congenital

Section III: Head Injuries

Section IV: Spinal Injuries

  • Acute Spinal Injuries
  • Upper Cervical Spine

Section V: Peripheral Nerve

  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries

Section VI: Infections

Section VII: Vascular Disorders

Section VIII: Tumours Of The Spine And Spinal Cord

Section IX: Disc Disease And

  • Other Spinal Pathologies
  • Clinical Features And Diagnosis

Section X: Pathology Of Intracranial Tumours

Section XI: Cranial And Intracranial Tumours

Section XII: Skull Base Surgery

Section XIII: Stereotaxy

Section XIV: Pain

Section XV: Epilepsy

Section XVI: Cerebral Palsy

Section XVII: Miscellaneous

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