AHFS (R) Drug Information 2018 (AHFS Drug Information)

AHFS (R) Drug Information 2018 (AHFS Drug Information)
With extensive updated information on everything from treatment of chronic pain to management of HIV infection in paediatric patients, AHFS Drug Information (R) 2018 is a necessary addition to your pharmacy’s resources. It contains the most trustworthy drug information available – all in one place. It is the most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information complete with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses.With content supported by nearly 90,000 references and incorporating the advice of numerous subject matter experts, AHFS DI helps you protect your patients and your practice. The only print compendium designated by the U.S. Congress, it is also the only reference published by a professional and scientific society – ensuring it is the most authoritative and best-selling reference trusted by pharmacists for 60 years.Updates for this edition include:Expanded and revised content throughout, featuring critical new monograph updates every year.Important updated monographs and references related to revised therapeutic guidelines, including revised recommendations for treatment of fungal infections (such as Candida auris infections) and chronic hepatitis C.Newly published information on breakthrough oncology drugs approved as part of the FDA’s accelerated approval program.Dedicated coverage to orphan products.Interactions, adverse reactions, and cautions, including ongoing revisions addressing opiate safety issues and their role in pain management.Therapeutic recommendations supported by evidence from primary research.Extensive dosage and administration information.Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.Prescription, OTC, ophthalmic and dermatologic drugs.Extensive off-label uses and related dosing options.Vaccines and other immunizing agents, including recommendations for travellers
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Pharmacological Screening Methods and Toxicology (Toxicology and Screening)

Pharmacological Screening Methods and Toxicology (Toxicology and Screening)
This Book is useful to M. Pharm students of all specializations those who are having Screening Methods, Clinical Research and Toxicology subject, M.Sc. Pharmacology and also for Ph. D scholars those who are doing Course studies and for scientists who work in laboratories while performing preclinical evaluation.

This Book covers all steps of drug discovery like lead synthesis, preclinical studies, FDA requirements and clinical studies and also about High Throughput Screening. It also covers about all aspects about experimental animals. Breeding techniques, blood collection techniques, caring techniques and about production of various experimental useful animals. Various methods used in preclinical evaluations instead of animal models to minimize the usage of animals. It also contains Bioassays those are useful to estimate potential of sample by comparing with standard preparations. The book also covers various screening techniques of several drugs which are used to treat the CNS, CVS, ANS, Respiratory etc., system disorders. It also contains various principles of toxicology, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity. Various types of poisons, general treatment of poisoning and special treatment of various poisonings.

1. Drug Discovery 2. Laboratory Animals 3. Alternative to Animals 4. Bioassay 5. Screening Methods 6. Toxicology 7. Poisons
About the Authors
Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao, M. Pharm, Ph. D, F.I.C., Working as Principal and Professor of Pharmacology at Bhaskar Pharmacy College, Yenkapally, Moinabad, Hyderabad since 2008.He is Fellow in Institution of Chemists India (FIC), Life member in Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI), Life member, Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA). He published 75 Research papers in Peer Reviewed National and International Journals and presented around 40 papers in National and International Conferences.
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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference
Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference provides unbiased, evaluated information on drugs and medicines in use around the world. It is updated by an experienced team of pharmacists and life scientists who use their professional expertise to provide an unbiased and evaluated digest of the available literature, selecting the most clinically relevant and appropriate information from reliable published sources. This 38th edition of Martindale has been completely redesigned to ensure ease of use and greatly improved readability. This latest edition contains over 6000 monographs, including 200 new monographs, on drugs and ancillary substances such as herbals, pharmaceutical excipients, and toxins and poisons. There are over 180,000 preparations giving details of preparation name, manufacturer, ingredients, and uses for proprietary preparations and now covering over 40 countries and regions, including China. The content is evidence-based and extensively referenced with links to the published literature.
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