Thesis Writing: Manual for All Researchers

Thesis Writing: Manual for All Researchers
This is a practical reference guide designed to focus on the specific and varied requirements of researchers and advisors. The book focuses on a standardized style and format for writing a thesis, features the guidelines suggested by the MLA and the APA and explains and illustrates the Number system and the traditional footnote style. The book includes a comprehensive treatment of thesis organization and documentation and extensive specimen pages of the various elements of the thesis.
Problem areas such as thesis statements, quotation handling and paraphrasing without plagiarism and documentation of multivolume works are effectively exemplified. Also included are a detailed chapter on punctuation and mechanics, a chapter on some reminders on the question of style and a thesis evaluation form. Guidelines for writing a research paper, along with some writing samples, are also incorporated. A thesis typing guide sheet accompanies the book. Thus this manual is a friend in need for the researcher.
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