I Didn’t Expect to be Expecting (Ravinder Singh Presents)

Tara is living a blessed life in the maximum city with her husband Abhimanyu, the love of her life. At the pinnacle of her career, she is the apple of her parents’ eyes and hasn’t spotted a wrinkle yet – so far, the 30s are looking great! Nothing fazes Tara – not a foul-mouthed best friend or a food-burning arch-nemesis in the form of her maid – not even a landlady who chats with ghosts. And then, Tara discovers that she’s pregnant, and suddenly, all that well-honed composure crumbles. It doesn’t help that she’s got an equally jittery (if supportive) husband by her side. Now, Tara must face her anxieties about parenthood as she navigates friendships, marriage and career, all the while dealing with the fact that her body and mind are steadily feeling like they belong to someone else. An irreverent, honest and funny journey down the road – potholes and all – to (accidental) parenthood!
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Anagram: Odyssey of Samar

Anagram: Odyssey of Samar
Samar Hamidi is an evolving young boy with a melancholic past. He has recently moved to Shimla with expectations to rekindle those years lost in miseries and false hope, and that of his family’s. Will he be successful in the pursuit of love and happiness? Or will fate unfold the ever inconceivable, veiled realities of their lives.
Life was fairly benevolent to him in the new city, until an unexpected revelation changes its course from love and success to hatred and self-destruction. Will he be able to soar from this giant fall and recreate emotions, to find love, purpose and the vicarious aspects of his life again, in an abysmal and revelatory journey?
This is an incredibly emotive tale of relationships told in an uncliched style, touching its every possible nuance. Extremely compulsive and emotionally riveting, this is the first installment from Anagram that heralds the beginning of a dour journey of a boy named Samar.
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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
How do you ditch your Fairy Godmother? As her 25th birthday approaches, mild-mannered Philomena Swann lives in terror of her annual birthday wish. Sure, she has a disinterested fianc and a misogynistic boss, but from experience she knows wishing both away could result in disaster. Why? Because she and her sisters are one-eighth fairy. Not enough to give them magical powers, but enough to qualify for a fairy godmotherfrom hell. All Phil wants is, just once, to have the courage to speak her mind. She blurts out her wishand suddenly finds she cant stop. To her friends. Her boss. Her Nana. And her best friend, hot and hunky co-worker, Josh. Before she can do any more damage, she begs for the spell to be reversed. And it iswith a vengeance. Now everyone else is compelled to tell her the truth. Including Josh. But the fairy godmothers not done. One more wish could change Phils world foreverif it doesnt ruin her life first. Warning: Hot bookerotic sex.
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