Thoughts and Poetry from the Soul: Musings on Life, Love, the World, and God

Thoughts and Poetry from the Soul: Musings on Life, Love, the World, and God
Eric Trott has been writing poetry ever since when he was just a child and continues to do so till today. Thoughts and Poetry from the Soul is a collection of his thoughts and some of his best poems. Eric is a person who thinks deeply about life, and his poems reflect that. Some talk about his life journey and the emotions attached to his experiences along the way. They describe the joys and sorrows of growing up for him as a child, which was mainly tough; the heartaches, disappointments, and frustrations he faced as a young man; and the wisdom gained in later years. Some are reminiscent of the past, and others describe his observations on the world and on life and how it is lived. His poems cover a wide range of topics, including love, hate, romance, nature, encouragement, the world, the environment, and God. Though some are a bit on the philosophical side, they are mostly easy, not just to understand but to identify with as well.
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In these intimate, sometimes painfully frank poems, Andrew McMillan takes us back to childhood and early adolescence to explore the different ways we grow into our sexual selves and our adult identities. Examining our teenage rites of passage: those dilemmas and traumas that shape us – eating disorders, masturbation, loss of virginity – the poet examines how we use bodies, both our own and other people’s, to chart our progress towards selfhood.

McMillan’s award-winning debut collection, physical, was praised for a poetry that was tight and powerful, raw and tender, and playtime expands that narrative frame and widens the gaze. Alongside poems in praise of the naivety of youth, there are those that explore the troubling intersections of violence, masculinity, class and sexuality, always taking the reader with them towards a better understanding of our own physicality. ‘isn’t this what human kind was made for’, McMillan asks in one poem, ‘telling stories learning where the skin/is most in need of touch’. These humane and vital poems are confessions, both in the spiritual and personal sense; they tell us stories that some of us, perhaps, have never found the courage to read before.
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Our words and dreams are so beautifully intertwined. The words you choose can give wings to your dreams and find their way through your pen on paper. Such are the words in this book, which is a compilation of Hindi poems that explore the world and relationships and provide food for thought. It showcases the various aspects of life.

Owing to the urge to know the “why” of things and getting in touch with our emotions,

on one hand this book contains thought-provoking poems such as “24 Ghante” and “Kabristan,” and on the other hand I have tried to strike a chord with you with, “Bachpan ki sham,” ” J.K ki yaadein” and “Maa.”

Poetry touches and liberates our souls, and every creation is open to myriad interpretations. Hasrstein aims to do the same.
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we live in the newness of small differences

we live in the newness of small differences
Sohini Basak’s intricately woven, exquisite debut collection breaks boundaries with form and gently collapses reality, dream and folklore into each other. There is a sense of endlessness in the interactions of poems with each other and with their sources which range from Bangla children’s classics to contemporary writers and ecological events. This is a collection that doesn’t stand still, despite its elegance and charm, somehow continually recreating its own time and space beyond the page.
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Guftagu Khyaalo Se

Guftagu Khyaalo Se

Often we do communicate with others but when do we communicate with self? Probably very rarely. In today’s materialistic world, we are too busy to even have a good look at ourselves. The poetic presentation of “Guftagu Khyaalo Se” by Dr Sushma Gajapure ‘Sudiv’ is a fabulous compilation of poems which truly depict the talks with the self. It is a very honest presentation of how do we communicate with ourselves and explore an inner world which needs our attention and care. The self-talk “Guftagu Khyaalo Se” is not just beautiful but also carries the rainbow colors of life. In essence it is about our daily life and how do we conduct ourselves. It has joy, pains, secrets, fears, seriousness and a strange adolescence. The mesmerizing presentation of “Guftagu Khyaalo Se” is not just the poetic story of writer about self; it’s about you, me and every one. It is beautiful depiction of most neglected part of our persona that’s our own thought process, our own inner world. Go out and explore this inner world; you will

find this journey fabulous and enchanting.

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High Poets Society II

High Poets Society II

High Poets Society II is the follow up to the bestselling debut release by B. Abbott, the Boston-based author known for his writings under the moniker of High Poets Society. This bold sequel highlights the characteristic rhyme and fluidity of Abbott’s previous work while offering a deeper exploration into his experiences with love and heartbreak. Each chapter presents a different approach to that all-encompassing question of how we seek out others and how we cope with the loss of them. Follow Abbott on his journey to unravel the messy web that is falling in and out of love.

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Shackles on the Ladder of Light: A Narrative Poetry

Shackles on the Ladder of Light: A Narrative Poetry
Shackles on the Ladder of Light is a narrative poetry collection drawing the step-ahead journey of the main character from an ordinary person with no hope or aim in life to a university professor and writer. The book sheds the whole light on the discouraging attitudes of the people in the surrounding environment and the self resistance of the professor even with the self. The poet selects certain real events and philosophically proving the visions of the antagonists incarnated with watertight explanation. The book conveys various messages in accordance with bitter realities of the social and psychological awareness on the one hand, and with the pride and professional jealousy on the other. It aims at the encouragement and the enlightenment of the future generation to transcend and override whatsoever impediments and negativities they may face on the Ladder of Light.
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